R.M.Villoria - Author 

These are the stories in Vol. One of the series...

"Tales from the Mind Field"
A collection of Short Stories 
Volume One.
by R.M.Villoria

•        Shadows   - Nestled in the Sierra Mountains along the winding mountain roads, Glenridge Academy is an esteemed co-ed institution. It is the year 1990, and the Academy’s main building, a rambling brick edifice over 100 years old is finally being restored to its original condition and with this milestone comes something more horrifying than anyone could have ever imagined…Shadowsis the horror story of the century certain to have you leaving the lights on.

•        Dead End - In the middle of a stormy night, John Wilton is awoken and while half asleep finds himself writing something down. Days pass and the writings’ significance lures him into an investigation and clutches the attention of the town. For all you paranormal enthusiasts out there, this one will have you asking questions.

•        Going Home - Still falling, Emma reached for anything to grab hold of but her hand kept slipping off everything she passed. Her screams seemed silent, yet she knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Why couldn't anybody hear her? Why didn't anybody try to help? Emma’s eyes opened wide with a start. She’d been dreaming again, this time, seemed so much more real than the last several times. Her earliest memories were only of this small quaint town here in Connecticut. The places in her dreams, however, were definitely not of this town. A truly psychological suspense story following one woman’s journey back to hell... 

•        Long Distance Love - It was early spring of 1976 and all the things you hope for in a new season were taking place. Gardens were starting to bloom. People who had been kept mostly inside because of the weather were now out and about. It all began one afternoon on an early spring day in 1976. An old burgundy ‘47 Plymouth turned down Main Street and parked in front of Ms. Gilton’s boarding house. Long Distance Love is an eerie love story, which spans time and space.

         The Agent - Jason Edwards had always wanted to be a successful artist. As far back as he could ever remember he had always wanted to paint and show people his work. But alas as the years went by, poor Jason just couldn’t seem to put anything down on canvas that anyone wanted to look at, much less pay real money for. With his desultory agent as his last and only hope for a successful career, Jason finds his hopes, dreams, and sanity in the hands of the hired professional. As though pulled right from the files of "Tales from the Crypt", this story of immediate vengeance will have you laughing as you lock all the doors.

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